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Calculating the Participating Dividend Percentage

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Every year (technically speaking), a company shares it’s profits with its investors from various segments. This profit is known as a dividend. There are two segments of investors – preferred & common stock. A preferred investor gains a higher position over common stock. When a company pays out the dividend, it pays first to the preferred segment. Also, in cases of accumulation of dividend (owing to special circumstances), the payment is first routed to the preferred stock & then over to the common. When dividends routed to the common stock overflow, the excess is distributed amongst the preferred class.

Find out the amount of percentage which will be paid out as dividend. Calculate the chunk paid out to the preferred stockholders. Find out if the company has any outstanding dues of dividends. Calculate the value of a dividend per share. Go ahead and find out the percentage of the dividend routed to the preferred stock.