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What are perpetuities?

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Perpetuities, dept settlementPerpetuity can be defined as a payment schedule which is usually planned to settle a loan or a debt. Most people think that perpetuities and annuities are the same thing but actually it is not. They both are structured payment methods to repay the debt or loan amount incurred by any person facing financial debt. But there is one difference between annuity and perpetuity and that is unlike annuity which is bounded by a fixed period of time, perpetuity has no time bound constraints. It can last for a lifetime.

Perpetuity begins at a fixed date and time and goes on for an indefinite time span. So it can be rightly called as annuity with no fixed time limit. In simple terms perpetuity is a series of payments in cash which can continue forever as there is no time restriction. Perpetuity is not as common as annuity as people do not want to carry a burden of a debt or loan forever so most of them choose annuity over perpetuity as annuity is for a fixed period of time.

What is discounted payback period?

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

payback discountAre you planning to start your own business? The money, which you put in for your business in the initial stages, is the capital amount. Getting this money back with profits in a short time is what smart business is all about. If you opt for a shorter payback period, then you can get back the money with high profits in the shortest possible time.

Know the concept and working method of the present value to understand the business and market value and its works. There will be a time limit given and if the payment is done even a day after, the value decreases gradually. For future cash flows, the discounted payback plan helps plan out and estimate net value considering present value as well. This concept of discounted payback also is applicable for small term projects and equipments for the company’s use. So whichever use you put in, make sure that you take full advantage of your payback period, wisely.


What is outsourced book keeping and why is it a good choice

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

outsourced book keeping, managing accountsManaging your accounts and resources is one of the major functionalities of any business and more so in case of small and medium sized businesses. It is one of the most effective ways to manage your businesses’ finances with minimal effort required from your end. With various methods of payment, the choices are endless enabling them to choose one which suits them best. Outsourced book keeping has many benefits apart from the financial ones.

First of all, with experts taking care of maintaining the finances, it enables the owners the liberty and freedom to focus on the main business and plan on how to expand it further to generate more revenue. Another major advantage of  outsourced book keeping is the fact that one need not hire anyone else to manage the finances of the business as it is already been taken care of.  Plus, with no accounts department in the office, it clears out some space in the office as well making it look less congested.

Transferring money overseas the modern way

Monday, March 12th, 2012

With more and more people moving abroad for better employment opportunities and better pay the use of money transferring overseas has become an issue of vital importance. There are a variety of ways you can send money abroad without much trouble. The two methods which are used the most are the Western Union Money Transfer and the Money Gram. These are the two world famous companies in this transferring money business. Few other ways which will prove helpful to you are money transfers through credit cards or with the help of Interac Email facility for money transferring abroad.

You can also go for the PayPal methods of money transferring to your loved ones by paying a fee for their services. Another way through which you can transfer your money abroad is by SWIFT Network which you can avail at the various financial institutions. These have become very reliable and efficient ways through which you can transfer your hard earned money in any part of the world.