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Finance management tips for students

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Finance management tipsAre you a student who earns his pocket money by working in the local cafeteria? Well, earning for yourself from a young age is appreciable but you must learn how to manage your money properly as well. When you start money management from a young age, you will be able to secure yourself financially in the long run.

First, you must have an organization system in place wherein you can track your monthly income and expenditure. Pick one day of the week and keep it aside to deal with all your payments, receipts and income statements. Secondly, you must apply for your credit report. Your credit report will give you a very good idea about the state of your finance. Make sure that you get the report once every year. Third, you can seek help from your parents to set your financial goals. Fourth, try to create a small pool of saving and invest the money that you save wisely.

Factors to consider before investing in Diamond

Monday, May 6th, 2013

investing in DiamondInvesting in diamonds is among one of the most elite investment tools ever. Diamonds with their scarcity in the world is a precious gem and is highly valued all across the world. The value of diamond does not fluctuate with the market and the pricing is based on a universally accepted by investors every year. The price remains the same in each and every country more or less and thus it can be sold and bought anywhere you like without the effect of overvaluation or undervaluation.

Diamonds are pretty resilient with no such shell life and are not affected by environmental changes. Although Diamonds are one of the best things to pass on s heirloom it comes at a tremendously high cost. The fact that diamonds never lose their value and that it takes you through periods of major financial turmoil with ease is a huge bonus.