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Investment tips for newly married couples

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Investment tips for married couplesWhile you are up there on the aisle exchanging vows with your soon to be life partner, the last thing on your mind is joining the assets and income sheets of each other and starting to plan for the future. However, the quicker you discuss these issues with your partner, the better it is for the future of not only the marriage, but also the family.

You might be already investing a particular amount before marriage. But once married, almost all situations change. Expenses automatically increase, and you must keep aside money for sudden expenditures such as an impromptu trip to a relative out of a station, a family ceremony, or health related issues.

If you or your spouse have an existing loan, it is advisable to stop the monthly investment and then use your savings to pay off the loan. If you have a credit card loan or a personal loan, this should be the strategy to follow.

If neither one have an outstanding loan, you are one lucky couple. Now sit down with your spouse and discuss and analyse the collective income with the total home expenditure and other bills on a monthly or quarterly basis. Once you know the total savings that both of you make at the end of the period, you can start thinking about the goals and dreams you have shared for long. The most common one that almost all couples have is starting a family. There are other goals as well such as purchasing or building a house, an expensive holiday or buying a new car.

You then need to calculate when exactly you need to make the investment, and how much should the amount be. Tag the savings to your goals, both short and long term. Decide on which goal you wish to achieve first and in which order, make the investments and enjoy the benefits.

Trading on Forex can be profitable

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Trading on ForexThe foreign exchange market, commonly known as the Forex, is a market that is decentralized and is used for the trading of currencies. Getting the benefits out of exchanging the foreign currencies is not just the business of the banks but if one keeps a close supervision over the market and knows how it works then it can be a very lucrative business. The concept of exchanging currencies is very simple. Two currencies are traded against each other. Such trading is done by the brokers who are monitored by the National Futures Association.

Many people might find it difficult to trade on forex, as it might seem too complicated to them. Unlike stocks it is focused narrowly on a limited area. There are 10 important currencies that are traded on in forex. This gives a clear picture and seems to be less complicated than a stock market. It is very liquid market as the traders can buy and sell any time. Brokers on forex charge commission for the buying and selling of currencies. The forex firms take up risks by being a participant to the trade and they make money by a method called the bid-ask spread. Here the amount of the ask price exceed that of the bid. Because of the trading business that takes place on a very large basis, it gets translated into a lot of money. Hence trading on forex can be profitable.

There is a method that you must follow when you are trading on forex. The hours of trading vary which depends upon the currency that you are trading. If you want to become a trader then you may require a professional platform for trading that will be provided by the brokers. They will help you to manage your accounts. You will have to do forex research and analysis so that you can understand the climates of different countries and make their best use to buy and sell the currencies.