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Tips For Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Debt repaymentCredit card debts are one of the dangerous types of debts. It is advisable to have planning as to how to pay off credit card debt. If you are not efficient enough to plan, this debt can increase to a great extent and can create great troubles for you. You can lose all your saving in paying off credit card debt. Many of the times, people also lose their property for the sake of paying off credit card debt. Hence it is advisable to have knowledge as to how to pay off credit card debt, here are some of the tips which will guide for paying off credit card debt.

  • Set a goal

It is really very essential to prepare a realistic goal for paying off credit card debt along with the other consumer debt. It will be very easy to use up all your balance in short period of time but it would on a contrary way too hard to pay off the used balance back. You have to exercise self-control while you are setting up goals and it very important to stick to those goals. Don’t forget to monitor your progress or drawback to stay on the track and make any improvement if necessary.

  • Put your cards on ice

It is difficult but for paying off credit card debt, you need to put aside you’re your credit cards. Don’t keep them in wallet and go out. This will definitely inspire you to spend more instead of saving. Put your credit cards away from you or freeze them in a bucket of ice till the time you completely pay off credit card debt. Try to pay your expenses in cash instead of credit card; this will give you a difference between your needs and your wants. This will help you save a lot and decrease your expenses. Always have a consciousness regarding your spending and think twice before you make any expenditure whether it is necessary or not.

  • Prioritize your debt

Put some time aside and make a list of all your spending and debts. Consider each and everything like outstanding balances, interest rate any other charges, loans, mortgages and any other such expenditure and prioritize your debt according to the importance and also according to the interest rate. It is advisable to pay off those debts first which has higher rate of interest. Priorities of paying off credit card debts can be different as per the person like some want to make the payment of pay day loan first while some want to pay the vehicle insurance first.

  • Trim your expenses to free your cash

One of the essential ways to pay off credit card debts is to maintain record of all your expenses you don in a moth and then scrutinize it and figure out which are the expenses which should be cut down and which are useless. Thus cut down on your useless expenses and focus on savings.


5 Ways To Repair Your Broken Credit Score Into An Outstanding Score

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

credit scoreA broken credit score is somewhat akin to a nightmare calling immediate actions for proper credit restoration. Are you too down with poor credit score of late? Well, that’s unfortunate but don’t let that nightmare stop you from living your life freely. There are various ways how you can transcend your poor credit score into an outstanding one. A properly repaired strong credit is much needed to re-establish your credibility quotient with creditors, bankers – to ensure a healthy financial outlook on your part.

1. Get a checking for your credit report

At times, erroneous credit reports are a major cause of poor credit score. Thus, your primary task is to get a checking of your credit report bureaus. Check out the reports very carefully and compare them to look for any error, such as incorrect late payments or problems with accounts. In case you locate an error, don’t delay to dispute it with your credit report bureau, along with supporting documents.

2. Get timely with payments

Delinquent or late payments is one of the major reasons behind broken score and your timely actions would do much to ensure an outstanding credit gradually. You should maintain a diary for all your payments to ensure a proper track. You can also ask your bank to send payment reminders through email or phone so that you don’t miss out on the payment dates. Besides, one of the best ways to solve the problems of late payments is automatic payment. In this you would have the payment debited automatically from the bank account to the credit card & loan providers. If forgetfulness is a serious issue with you, there can be nothing better than automatic payments.

3. Debt consolidation

If your debts are getting overwhelming for you, you can consider a debt consolidation program. In this case, you will have all debts merged into one single debt, carrying comparatively lower interest rate. If you are having financial issues given lofted interest rates on multiple loans, debt consolidation can render some relief to you. Thanks to the lower interest rate, you would be able to pay off the outstanding debt burden effectively, without much delay. As you get clear with the debt issue, you will definitely see a rise in your credit score.

4. Consult a lawyer

If your credit score shows a bad broken state or if you have been bankrupted, a smart solution would be to consult a seasoned lawyer- to ensure an expert guidance on improving the credit score. Bad credit or bankruptcy situations are perplexed and are not convenient to handle properly sans a professional and expert help. Make sure your chosen lawyer holds profound experience in enhancing poor or broken credit scores successfully.

5. Mind your expenses

When you are going through a broken credit phase, you need to be careful about your expenses to assure better savings and timely repayment of debts. Reduce the use of credit cards as these allow unmindful impulsive shopping at times, abetting the outstanding debt volume.

How To Improve Credit Score In 30 Days

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Credit ScoreYour credit score plays quite a decisive factor in any of your financial investment aspirations- whether you are planning mortgage for a dream home or an auto loan for a treasured 4-wheeler, you have to be really good with the credit score. But what if you are down with a poor credit record? Would that mean end of your desired investments? Well, certainly not as there are solid strategies that can actually boost up your credit score real fast, say within 30 days.

• Clear off debts

This is the primary strategy when you are trying hard to enhance your credit score fast. You have to clear off or at least reduce the debt burden as much as possible. This will enhance the credit limits available that would add on some good extra points towards the credit score quickly. Bigger is your balance, better would be the points.

• Pay bills early

Then, try to pay off the bills prior to due date and avoid any sort of late payment regarding any bill. When you are paying the bill early, it sets a slow of timely on-time payment on your part that works to hike up the credit score. Just one single late payment can mean a huge drop to your credit score- so be careful. In case you’re having issues in staying updated with the bills, request the creditors to change due date or lessen the monthly payments.

One of the most common troubles regarding late payment is forgetfulness. If you too have been a victim of such a condition despite having adequate balance for timely bill payment- go for automated payments so that your bills are automatically paid every month on-time.

• Limit unnecessary extravaganzas

You must be careful to limit unnecessary extravaganzas when you are looking forward to improve your poor credit record fast. Any undue splurging here might hike up your due debt, adding further wound to the misery.

• Check the credit report

This is another important point to consider when you are trying hard to enhance your declining credit score quickly. According to experts, you should obtain the free of cost credit report document from the 3 renowned credit-reporting bureaus- Experian, Trans Union & Equifax. The information obtained from the 3 agencies might vary slightly. It’s to mention here that at times the credit reports do come up with erroneous information- the bureaus do not take much time for the verification of data received from the creditors. Thus, you must make sure to look thorough into the credit report obtained to tick out the wrongful information. A lot of people have been able to improve their credit score fast by rectifying erroneous credit history on time.

In case, you find any error in your credit report, do not waste time to dispute it. You should contact the credit-reporting bureau with a written application citing all the documents and details that proves the alleged inaccuracy. The credit-reporting bureau will take some time to investigate & rectify the mistakes.

Tips on maintaining a good credit report

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

good credit reportIt is necessary to maintain a good credit report in these tough economic times. It is your credit rating that makes you eligible for getting a loan from a financial institution. Here are tips that you can follow in order to maintain a good credit reports.

·         First and foremost you need to know about your credit cards well. The charges that are deducted for the services. This will let you know how beneficial it is for you to use the card.

·         Then you need to know the due dates of the payments that you need to make. Knowing the dates well will let you pay the amount on time. As a late fee is added to the next statement if you fail to pay on the assigned date.

·         Paying off the total amount is a good idea rather than just paying the minimum amount.

·         Use only one credit card so that you can manage your account well.

These tips will surely help you in keeping your credit reports in a good condition.


Credit score models explained

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Credit Score Models, Credit ScoreCredit score model is a special type of model made for the lenders and the credit card issuers to check the credibility of a person. With these models one can find the amount of risk involved in lending a certain sum of money to customers. With these models you can easily calculate the much required score before lending a loan to someone. There are many models that are used by the various companies.

Judgement model is one of the most used models. In this model the payment pattern, salary and previous credit score. In this way one can judge it accurately about the risk involved in giving a loan to that person. The modern model used is the statistical model. In this type of model the outcome is not based upon judgement but on facts. Credit history is taken into account and a credit score is given to a customer. These models help in bringing out a good credit score.

Business credit card options for entrepreneurs

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Business credit card, credit cardFor an entrepreneur, credit cards are very valuable assets. Entrepreneurs are those kinds of professionals who are always involved in heavy cash transactions. Therefore the need of constant flow of cash is always required by them as they are always in the process of purchasing without any hard cash. But sometimes a number of problems generate when the revenue of the sales doesn’t match with the spending. And as a result of this an entrepreneur often gets bankrupt when the spending gets out of control.

As an entrepreneur if you use a small credit card for your work then too it will need a personal guarantee. If for any reason the business is not a successful one at the end of the day then the bank will hold someone liable for this as its norm. But in some cases some small credits cards waive the option of personal guarantee for business transactions.

What is discounted payback period?

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

payback discountAre you planning to start your own business? The money, which you put in for your business in the initial stages, is the capital amount. Getting this money back with profits in a short time is what smart business is all about. If you opt for a shorter payback period, then you can get back the money with high profits in the shortest possible time.

Know the concept and working method of the present value to understand the business and market value and its works. There will be a time limit given and if the payment is done even a day after, the value decreases gradually. For future cash flows, the discounted payback plan helps plan out and estimate net value considering present value as well. This concept of discounted payback also is applicable for small term projects and equipments for the company’s use. So whichever use you put in, make sure that you take full advantage of your payback period, wisely.


Tax tips for the self employed lot

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Are you a self employed person fresh into the industry? Well then if you are worrying about the current taxation system then read this article with rapt attention and you will get a clarified idea. Several people are opting for self employment and therefore the tax preparers often find various sorts of difficulties while dealing with their expenses of business. So if you really want to lead a hassle free business life then consider these rules.

First of all you must keep all the bills and receipts of your expenses that are related with your work because at the time of submitting your tax you will have to differentiate between all your expenses. The necessary tax deduction rules for items like furniture, computer software are in the IRS publications and from their website you can download the tax deduction forms too to apply for reduced tax amounts.

Who is a credit counselor and what is his duty?

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

A Credit counselor is the person who manages your debt and is responsible on behalf of his clients regarding debt accumulation. It is the duty of the credit counselor to manage the debt of their clients. They should see to it that their clients stop acquiring debts when there is probable chance of non repayment of debt. Credit counselor is in charge of debt management, money management, consumer awareness and education.

The main job of the credit counselor is to manage their client’s finance. A credit counselor should have a strong background in education. The main objective of a credit counselor is to assess a particular situation correctly. Then he would take further steps of repayment, budgeting and recovering from the debts incurred by the client. Develop strategies in situations where credit repair is required. Proper financial advice is what we look forward to from a credit counselor.

Do Overdue Medical Bills Affect Your Credit Reports

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

A bad credit report affects the a person’s position in the economic market. Such a person may have to suffer a higher rate of interest over loans or mortgage plans, or worse – rejection of loan applications. Things like skipping credit card payments, paying your bills out of time and so on deteriorate your credit score. Also, letting your medical bill go out of date will also lower your credit score considerably. Also note that, medical bills are dealt with differently by collection agencies unlike regular bills. So people having an overdue medical bill can suffer more credit damage than those having a regular bill at stake.

However, do not think that every overdue medical bill spoils the broth. Small overdue medical bills are often looked over & cause no special harm. Also make sure you keep in touch with your medical service provider to keep him notified about your payment status.