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Why Do A Balance Transfer?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Balance TransferWhat is a credit card balance transfer? Well, balance transfer implies shifting balance from one credit card to another one- especially the one carrying reduced rate of interest. According to financial experts, the balance transfer act could be really helpful when you are tangle in high credit card debt. In fact, there are several advantages of transferring your balance from one card to another.

Save huge bucks

The most significant pros of transferring balance is that it allows the user to save huge bucks and the it is the very reason why balance transfer is very popular among smart credit card users. Balance transfers with 0 % are specifically great yet even some low-rate transfer could save good money in case your present card interest is high or moderate. If you are into $10,000 card debt & are paying fifteen percent rate of interest a year, a twelve-month 0% card balance shift can save you around 1,500 USD through a year.

Fast freedom from debt

This is another big reason why financial experts count on balance transfer when somebody is badly into credit card debt. Yes balance transfer is one of the major keys to get rid of credit card debt. The interest that you are paying for credit card is bank’s route to make profit from you every month & year. If you can transfer one or even more number of present card balances to a reliable 0% interest carrying card, it would be easier for you to pay off the creditors quickly. This is because your whole monthly payment would be moving towards principal & not interest- enabling you to come up with a faster debt-free life.

In case consolidating the card debt into a 0% interest card relieves some bucks in your financial sack every month, you might come up with extra payments for your debt- which will ensure a faster debt free life in turn.

Additional card perks

Another fantastic benefit of taking to balance transfer between credit cards is rewards or additional perks. You would be able to apply for cards which would reward your expenditure or offer your nice perks for shopping.
Say for example- rewards cards, travel cards & airline cards often extend amazing cash-back awards, free flights as well as great discounts on hotel charges. If your plain-vanilla card does not offer any extra perks, try to find out some balance-transfer deal which comes with good perks.

Simplified finance

Them the balance transfer process is also preferred since it assures simplified finance for the user. The process enables you to simplify and streamline your finances by a great extent. When you are moving the balance from several cards to one single card, you relieve yourself from all the hassles of going into several card payments for several credit cards. This way, the user is just left to work on the payments and paperwork for one single account. Isn’t it smoother to pay off balance of 1 credit card in place of paying off several balances?

5 points to remember before taking a credit card

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

credit cardThe concept of credit card can be a boon for many but can also be a curse for many. There are several considerations before taking a credit card. Here are some of those given below:

• First of you need to ensure the purpose of the credit card and for what you will be using it. If it is to pay monthly bills then you must choose the bank that has got no annual fees and also has the facility for longer grace period. If you want to keep a minimum balance then the bank with lowest possible interest rate should be selected. That bank will also have a low introductory rate. If you use it on a daily basis then the best card would be the one that has got a generous credit limit. It should also contain a solid reward program. If it is for emergency purposes then the bank with no frill should be selected. They also have low fees and low rate of interest.
• Second point is the interest rate. The interest rate of credit cards is denoted by APR which is annual percentage rate. The rate can either be fixed or variable although in most cases the prime rate prevails. It is better to choose a credit card that has got a fixed rate of interest. This will help you to calculate the accurate amount of interest at the end of the month.
• Credit limit is another thing that you need to consider. This is nothing but the amount which the bank would let you borrow. This can be selected according to your choice because you would be the best person to decide how much you can spend in one month depending on the purpose for which you are using the credit card.
• Before selecting a credit card you must analyze the credit score you got. This would help you to know which type of credit card you would be eligible for. Those who have a poor credit record are not eligible for credit cards which have a good credit limit.
• The fine print of the credit should always be checked before you finally decide to take one. It would tell you the fees which will be charged annually. There are times when you want to transfer some balance from one card to another. You must ensure that the charges are really for these things.

Investment tips for newly married couples

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Investment tips for married couplesWhile you are up there on the aisle exchanging vows with your soon to be life partner, the last thing on your mind is joining the assets and income sheets of each other and starting to plan for the future. However, the quicker you discuss these issues with your partner, the better it is for the future of not only the marriage, but also the family.

You might be already investing a particular amount before marriage. But once married, almost all situations change. Expenses automatically increase, and you must keep aside money for sudden expenditures such as an impromptu trip to a relative out of a station, a family ceremony, or health related issues.

If you or your spouse have an existing loan, it is advisable to stop the monthly investment and then use your savings to pay off the loan. If you have a credit card loan or a personal loan, this should be the strategy to follow.

If neither one have an outstanding loan, you are one lucky couple. Now sit down with your spouse and discuss and analyse the collective income with the total home expenditure and other bills on a monthly or quarterly basis. Once you know the total savings that both of you make at the end of the period, you can start thinking about the goals and dreams you have shared for long. The most common one that almost all couples have is starting a family. There are other goals as well such as purchasing or building a house, an expensive holiday or buying a new car.

You then need to calculate when exactly you need to make the investment, and how much should the amount be. Tag the savings to your goals, both short and long term. Decide on which goal you wish to achieve first and in which order, make the investments and enjoy the benefits.

Trading on Forex can be profitable

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Trading on ForexThe foreign exchange market, commonly known as the Forex, is a market that is decentralized and is used for the trading of currencies. Getting the benefits out of exchanging the foreign currencies is not just the business of the banks but if one keeps a close supervision over the market and knows how it works then it can be a very lucrative business. The concept of exchanging currencies is very simple. Two currencies are traded against each other. Such trading is done by the brokers who are monitored by the National Futures Association.

Many people might find it difficult to trade on forex, as it might seem too complicated to them. Unlike stocks it is focused narrowly on a limited area. There are 10 important currencies that are traded on in forex. This gives a clear picture and seems to be less complicated than a stock market. It is very liquid market as the traders can buy and sell any time. Brokers on forex charge commission for the buying and selling of currencies. The forex firms take up risks by being a participant to the trade and they make money by a method called the bid-ask spread. Here the amount of the ask price exceed that of the bid. Because of the trading business that takes place on a very large basis, it gets translated into a lot of money. Hence trading on forex can be profitable.

There is a method that you must follow when you are trading on forex. The hours of trading vary which depends upon the currency that you are trading. If you want to become a trader then you may require a professional platform for trading that will be provided by the brokers. They will help you to manage your accounts. You will have to do forex research and analysis so that you can understand the climates of different countries and make their best use to buy and sell the currencies.

Tips for a Profitable Investment in Real Estate

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Investment in Real EstateInvesting in Real Estate can be a lucrative business in today’s world. People are now interested in buying and selling of their homes and make profits. To build a new house, renovate an old one and selling them for a very high price has become a great way to earn and have a lavish life. There are professionals who help such investors meet their needs.

Following are the ways for a safe investment in a real estate business.
Though the real estate market is undergoing certain crisis in recent times, prices are falling, but in the long run, investment in real estate market surely provides a handsome profit over the years. Before investing in this market you should always make the maximum utilization of your time to look for a good deal first and then move forward in buying the plot of land. The only way to make huge profits in a real estate business is to examine the market conditions and to learn the way in which it operates which requires a lot of patience and hard work. You must know the condition in which the house is, its location, neighborhood, whether it has any tenants etc. Everything must be clear to you. There are many tax breaks that are in favor of real estate investors.

The smart way to begin investment in real estate is to make small investments. You can start with buying a house at a very low price which is below the market value. You can renovate it, live in it for a few while and then sell it off at a very high price. You must also calculate the total cost of investing and renovating in a house and also the amount of money that you expect to get from its sale. By doing this you can compare among the different options.

How to find a credible forex broker

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

credible forex brokerAre you planning to join up with currency trading? Well, the FX market looks really promising and hence would be good to have some extra income. But first of all you have to get in touch with a good forex broker who will be your able guide throughout the trading process. The post here is a short brief on how to find a reliable Forex broker.

First of all, you have to settle with a reputed broker from the market. Carry a market survey among 4-5 FX brokers around which will help in taking up a comparative study. Make sure that the broker you are going for is an accredited broker who is registered with FCM & CFTC. This ensures that you are hooking up with a legal company. It’s also necessary that you take to a seasoned broker who is well aware of the different complexities of the FX market.

Then, check out the FX software offered by your Forex broker. Try to settle with those brokers who count on award winning software that are user-friendly and easy to customize. Besides, the software provided should allow you to start off with a demo account. Currency trading is a complicated field which requires good practice from the trader for a successful venture. The demo account would be your able help here allowing you to experience a solid practice before starting out in the real world with your hard earned cash.

Then, make sure that your chosen broker permits you to open up small accounts. It’s wiser to start small when you are a novice in the forex market as it lessens the risk factor. Moreover, you have to check out beforehand that the FX broker you are going for is ready to supply you with real-time information on the Forex market.

The risk of trading currency

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

currency trading, trading tipsIf you desire to start a career in currency trading at Forex, then you should definitely start finding about the truth and how the business works and what kind of knowledge obtainment is required in order to be a successful trader. There are many training institutes and systems, but simply copying pasting strategies is not going to help any individual at all. The methods of getting rich quickly are often marketed nowadays but these kinds of deals are actually a waste of time for anyone.

Just imagine that if these kinds of deals were so lucrative then everyone would have been making tons of money by these fake programs. The formula for success comes with experience and a price only. A true mentor will give the secrets and all important information which will be good enough for an investment in training for these courses. Getting a trustworthy program is a must otherwise the risk of trading currency is huge for a novice!

Are you looking for investments in gold?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Gold investment, investmentsUnder the present unstable economic condition of the world, every people want their hard earned money to be installed in such things from where they can get good returns in the future. This is the main reason behind the high demand of gold in the whole world.

If you are also considering investing in gold bullion, then it is no doubt a very good option but then you must be very careful while doing it. The price of gold has almost touched the sky during the last quarter of previous year. But it has come down a little in this year. So if you are thinking whether it would be advisable to invest in gold, don’t worry since the price of gold is not going o dip too much so that you incur huge loss.

Always insist on buying hallmark gold only because they are the internationally recommended standard and so you sell them off at any place at the prevailing rate. While gold jewelry suffers certain wear due to continuous use, the gold bars and coins remain intact in weight and are the best investment options.

Factors to consider before investing in Diamond

Monday, May 6th, 2013

investing in DiamondInvesting in diamonds is among one of the most elite investment tools ever. Diamonds with their scarcity in the world is a precious gem and is highly valued all across the world. The value of diamond does not fluctuate with the market and the pricing is based on a universally accepted by investors every year. The price remains the same in each and every country more or less and thus it can be sold and bought anywhere you like without the effect of overvaluation or undervaluation.

Diamonds are pretty resilient with no such shell life and are not affected by environmental changes. Although Diamonds are one of the best things to pass on s heirloom it comes at a tremendously high cost. The fact that diamonds never lose their value and that it takes you through periods of major financial turmoil with ease is a huge bonus.


An idea about investing tools

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

investing toolsIf you want to make some investments successfully to get good returns, then you have to select right investment tools. Choosing the right investment tool is the most important thing. You should do a proper research of the market to find out which one is the right investment tool.

Online broker account is nowadays a very popular and profitable investment tool. You can open an account with any renowned online broker. There is no limit or constraint on the amount of money for opening the account. The broker will direct you where to invest and when to get the maximum return.

Computer has now become an important part of our daily life. You can manage all your investments online if you have access to the internet using your computer. You can also get some lucrative deals over the internet which is not normally possible with the other means of investments.

Investment software is the latest tool of investment. You can invest in mutual funds, shares, stock market, etc through the investment software. Investment software provide with a rough estimate about the return you will receive. The software also tells you when to enter the market and when to exit depending on the price fluctuation.